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Superyacht featured on Yacht Design – July 2012

In the July issue of Yacht Design Magazine features, our team explains how the Superyacht’s interior was designed.

 The trend with big yachts is to recreate the sleek, high tech modern interiors that you would find in New York luxury skyscrapers and transfer them on water. Because many of these super yachts will also change owners or be rented out down the line, the interiors, albeit chic and classy, tend to be very neutral, zen like and impersonal. Often there is nothing in the interiors that reminds the guests that they are effectively at sea.
At these levels, the interior design of a property- whether principal residence, vacation home or yacht- always has a dual purpose. Not only is it designed for the owners and their family to enjoy, but also to make a statement to the outside world. It is a reflection of the status and position that the owners hold in society and should also showcase their tastes and interests. In the case of the Liberty, I would say that the design reflects the owners’ desire to get the best in life,  but without falling in common stereotypes. It is a young couple that have achieved their fortune through hard work and dedication, and that have an innate taste for art and beauty.